Did you know that “Green” and “Bio” products are not all created equal?

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We have learned a lot over the years about what is truly beneficial for our environment and what is “Fake Green”. Many people want to appear “green” but don’t want to make the monetary investment to protect our environment. South Jersey Paper has partnered with Primeware who is one of the few “True Green” companies in foodservice disposables. Check out these certifications and make sure you are not being duped into the “Fake Green” universe. … Read More

Do you know what is walking in your food production plant?

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Whether you have a dedicated footwear program or not, cross-contamination from footwear can easily find its way into your facility. Stop pathogens in their tracks with Best Sanitizers’ line of Alpet® chemicals, BSX Boot Scrubbers, and HACCP SmartStep™ and HACCP Defender™ Footwear Sanitizing Units. Effectively clean rubber boots before they are sanitized with one of our new BSX Boot Scrubbers. Each unit uses a stainless steel venturi dilution valve and metering tip to apply cleaning … Read More

Traction Plus vs Zing Only One – How I Position The Two

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I have done a couple demos with both products and this is how I see them positioned. Traction Plus is specifically made and approved by the NFI and ISSA to increase the slip resistance of many types of floors depending on the product including tubs and showers in the Health Care market. It also is a very good cleaner that can be used daily in those areas. Case in point – Deborah Hospital – stairwell … Read More