Clorox Total 360 – Ultimate Disinfecting System Cleans Where Others Don’t

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Clorox Total 360 System - Hospitals

Clorox Professional Products Company introduced the Clorox Total 360 System to the commercial cleaning market. This surface treatment system, recently awarded the professional cleaning industry’s top honor, uses patented electrostatic technology to reach even the hardest-to-reach places with trusted Clorox products. Think about all the nooks and crannies you’ll find in a hospital or school or a gym that can harbor illness-causing germs. The Clorox Total 360 System makes it significantly easier to reach surfaces … Read More

How Clorox Total 360 Can Impact Student Success

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How Clorox Total 360 Can Impact Student Success With nearly 22 million school days lost annually to the common cold, preventing the spread of germs depends heavily on maintaining a clean school. There are many hot spots for bacteria in a school environment, and, adding to the challenge, cold and flu viruses can live on surfaces anywhere from a few seconds to 48 hours, making these areas highly dangerous when not routinely disinfected. We all know … Read More

Healthy Schools & the Clorox Total 360 System

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Clorox Total 360 for healthy schools

Healthy Schools & the Clorox Total 360 The U.S. Department of Education refers to absenteeism in the nation’s schools as “a hidden educational crisis.” Schools should be a place where young minds flourish, not where illness causing viruses and bacteria reside. Unfortunately, though, schools consist of thousands of hard to reach surfaces covered in pathogens than can spread disease and are also difficult to disinfect, increasing both financial and human risk. The good news is … Read More

Do More With The Machines You Already Own

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DO MORE WITH MACHINES YOU ALREADY OWN. Have you ever thought about how to use your cleaning equipment for alternative uses? You will likely find that the equipment you already own is more versatile than you thought. With today’s tight budget constraints finding alternative uses for your equipment is especially important. Consider how several unexpected areas can be treated using the already existing cleaning equipment or with just some added accessories. A great place to … Read More

Cleaning Tip Of The Month – STAIN REMOVAL

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STAIN REMOVAL – THE FASTER, THE BETTER! The SG 4/4 steam cleaner is the best tool for removing stains and eliminating bed bugs. Follow these steps to remove stains quickly: 1. Determine the type of stain- if you’re using detergent, apply it to the end of a Q-Tip to test the stain. 2. If the stain or spot transfers to the Q-Tip, apply the detergent sparingly, being careful not to over-apply. 3. Scrub or blot … Read More

Do you know what is walking in your food production plant?

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Whether you have a dedicated footwear program or not, cross-contamination from footwear can easily find its way into your facility. Stop pathogens in their tracks with Best Sanitizers’ line of Alpet® chemicals, BSX Boot Scrubbers, and HACCP SmartStep™ and HACCP Defender™ Footwear Sanitizing Units. Effectively clean rubber boots before they are sanitized with one of our new BSX Boot Scrubbers. Each unit uses a stainless steel venturi dilution valve and metering tip to apply cleaning … Read More