Cleaning Tip Of The Month – STAIN REMOVAL

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The SG 4/4 steam cleaner is the best tool for removing stains and eliminating bed bugs.

Follow these steps to remove stains quickly:

1. Determine the type of stain- if you’re using detergent, apply it to the end of a Q-Tip to test the stain.
2. If the stain or spot transfers to the Q-Tip, apply the detergent sparingly, being careful not to over-apply.
3. Scrub or blot the stain according to the instructions. If your stain is water soluble, no cleaning agent is needed. Steam will remove the stain.
4. Dab the stain carefully until it has vanished. Once it is removed, allow the cleaned area to dry.

There are spots, and then there are stains. Do you know the difference? A spot is an added substance and a stain is color added. Both can be removed with steam or with the use of detergents. Detergents do their job when mixed or diluted, and applied correctly. It is necessary to follow the instructions to blot, rinse, or remove detergents after use while letting the area dry completely.

Steam cleaners attack the stain on a microscopic level, killing germs, bacteria, mold, dust mites, and bed bugs on contact. No chemicals are needed and the water evaporates quickly, so surfaces dry faster.

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