Do More With The Machines You Already Own

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Have you ever thought about how to use your cleaning equipment for alternative uses? You will likely find that the equipment you already own is more versatile than you thought.

With today’s tight budget constraints finding alternative uses for your equipment is especially important. Consider how several unexpected areas can be treated using the already existing cleaning equipment or with just some added accessories.

A great place to find new uses of equipment is outside at the entrance of your building. These often shiny stone and hard floor surfaces can be perfectly cleaned with a small scrubber such as the Saber Blade 16 and matching cylindrical brushes.

So check your stock and try to find new uses for your machines—many have hidden talents for other areas of use. Call us at 1-800-232-6927 if you want to know more about what your equipment can accomplish. We look forward to hearing from you. your floors with a compact scrubber such as the Saber Blade 16. Flexible, compact and powerful this scrubber is perfect for smaller areas—together with microfiber cylindrical pads, you get an unbeatable team to clean and refresh the look of your hard floors.







Our cylindrical chemical-free stripping pads are available for the Saber Blade 16. They remove up to one coat per pass. The rotational force of a cylindrical pad reduces pad loading. Cover up to 5000 ft2/hr per set.





Cylindrical brush application guide: white brushes are for gentle cleaning on all surfaces. Red brushes are medium-hard for smooth and textured floors. Orange are staggered brushes for all grouted floors. Green is for aggressive cleaning on irregular surface floors.



 Saber Blade 12 is the more productive, more hygienic alternative to mopping. Floors are cleaned and left dry, allowing you to quickly and safely return the area to service. Dirt and contaminants are captured and removed from the floor without employee contact.







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