Traction Plus vs Zing Only One – How I Position The Two

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I have done a couple demos with both products and this is how I see them positioned.
Traction Plus is specifically made and approved by the NFI and ISSA to increase the slip resistance of many types of floors depending on the product including tubs and showers in the Health Care market. It also is a very good cleaner that can be used daily in those areas. Case in point – Deborah Hospital – stairwell employee entrance rubber flooring – did a great job at cleaning the floor and the increased traction was noticeable. Same result using the Bathtub Product in their apartments. This is why I brought Traction Plus in. Also to increase the over Safety of the Floors in the main entrance areas. Not a place with Stone/tile – VCT or Health Care that I don’t recommend it now. Also recommended it for the pool area at Rowan which would not be an application with the Zing.

Zing Only One – I see this product as a deep imbedded dirt cleaner when used in higher dilutions. It has a proprietary product in it that creates a ‘seal’ if you would, by closing the porosity of the floor; for easy recoating with less coats needed for the required result. Helps the customer lengthen time between stripping and recoating (sustainability). While it does also increase slip resistance this is not its main purpose and does not have these certifications. I have not done a demo with it as a ‘daily’ cleaner so I cannot attest to its effect on High Gloss Floors at the 2 oz/per gallon recommended.

I used this product recently at Rowan College to ‘Deep Clean’ rubber flooring and see if it would ‘restore’ some luster to it. The product did perform well, again this was the higher dilution.

For a problem slip and fall problem at Rowan with a glossed 12×12 stone floor… they are using a NCL Delomoline Peroxide product – my recommendation – start using the TP121 on the floor/and or start by using the Only One to ‘remove’ all that citrus oil first. (Selling them both product’s).

2 Comments on “Traction Plus vs Zing Only One – How I Position The Two”

  1. You may want to do more testing with the zing. Also we show it raises the slip coefficient to [.65]. How does that compare to the Traction Plus?

    1. It is the same, [.6]. I would not recommend the TP for deep cleaning or scrubbing for restoration of floors as I would the ZING. Likewise I would not recommend Zing for bath tubs in healthcare or swimming pool areas or Gym floors. While both do raise the slip co-efficiency on floor surfaces and can be used in some of the same applications, TP is NSFI approved specifically for that purpose.

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